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Content reviewed by Joseph Sas, DC | Activator Technique Certified, Reinert Advanced Diversified Certified, McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy Certified

Pregnancy is such a special time in one’s life.  Every mother’s goal is a happy healthy pregnancy for mom and baby.  Sometimes this rapid change to the body can cause some serious growing pains.  

Our approach for pregnant patients at Gateway Chiropractic involves both easing the pains of pregnancy and ensuring that the pelvis is balanced and moving correctly to facilitate an easier delivery! We recognize the strain and discomfort that carrying another human all day can create, which is why we pride ourselves in our various treatment options for our pregnant patients.

As you are fully aware, your posture is constantly changing to maintain your new center of gravity. Your low back is often the first region to speak out about this uncomfortable change. We address this change proactively, and provide relief before your discomfort is able to fully progress. Our common interventions include: postural stretches and exercises specific for pregnancy, dynamic taping to support your growing bump, and manual soft tissue techniques to balance the surrounding anatomy. It is our goal to stay in front of your discomfort, so you are able to continue participating in the activities that you enjoy.

A major focus in our pregnancy treatment is the maintenance of pelvic balance throughout gestation. Pelvic balance ensures that your little one has the optimal room to grow and develop while in the womb. This balance also ensures that pelvic joints are moving their best to improve your delivery experience. We accomplish this in our office with adjustments specifically designed for this sensitive anatomy.  The following are just some of the techniques we employ.

A gentle, low force technique that uses pressures to realign the sacrum and vertebrae.

Also known as “drop table technique” where gravity is used to assist in moving specific joints with precise control.

Mechanically assisted precision adjustments with consistent and measured force.

Traditional chiropractic manual treatments designed to realign joints and performed by hand.

Performed manually by applying carefully regulated pressure to the ligament to reduce tension.

We find what works for you, and tailor our adjusting style to your body’s needs.

In addition to soft tissue techniques designed to stretch and strengthen problem areas, to manual adjustments for moving aching joints, our focus is YOU and our goal is to give you the best pregnancy experience possible! Schedule an appointment today so you can experience what chiropractic can do for you!

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