Proven Chiropractic Techniques and Methods for Natural Pain Relief

Learn about Gateway Chiropractic’s treatment methods and philosophy for providing natural pain relief and chiropractic care to our St. Louis patients.

Providing St. Louis Natural Pain Relief and Chiropractic Care

Content reviewed by Dr. Joseph D. Sas, DC

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Our Proven Method

We have a philosophy in our office that people are a whole person, not just a spine. Subluxations and conditions of the spine can affect all areas of the body, well beyond common neck and back pain. That’s why we treat our patients like whole person and employ additional methods and techniques to help you along your healing journey.

A skilled chiropractor and proper adjustments can dramatically reduce discomfort and improve overall health. Why stop there? The additional treatments we offer compliment your chiropractic care to help you get better faster.

These methods are medically proven and backed up by data, but that isn’t really the type of proof that really gets us excited. We know it works but when a patient sees it working; that’s the real proof. It’s a teacher that takes fewer antihistamines because her allergies aren’t getting in the way as much. The proof is when a mechanic walks through the door with more pep each time they visit.

Now, it does take a step of faith. Not a leap, like others may ask of you, just a step. And you’ve already taken that step, you are reading our website and learning about our treatment methods and conditions treated.

Can’t wait to see you better!
– Dr. Sas, Chiropractor and Owner

Tired of Hurting and Aching in Pain?

Services with our chiropractors range from basic chiropractic care to muscle adjustment and physical rehabilitation with comprehensive diagnostics for patients from in and around St. Louis, Missouri.

What is Bosu Activity?

Bosu Activity is a balance-building exercise that uses a dome-shaped half-ball to create an unstable surface, while the ball itself remains stable. This form of therapy works well for anyone who needs to regain balance through increasing muscle memory and core strength.

What is Neuro-Muscular Re-Education?

Essentially, Neuro-Muscular Re-Education is balance training. The idea is that you can retrain your body to improve balance by improving muscle memory. The result is perfect for improved coordination following a debilitating injury.

What is Kinesio Taping?

Kinesio Taping is a therapy that uses soft tape to support joints and to aid muscles in recovering from injury. The tape helps a patient’s joints stay in the correct position while muscles get stronger and muscle memory returns. This is a very productive form of treatment following joint replacement or joint injuries.

What is Nutritional Response Testing?

This therapy looks at what nutrients your body has and its deficiencies, and then helps you adjust your diet to make sure that your body has everything it needs to heal. The evaluation focuses on reflex reaction to measure nutritional need. Needle testing also is used to save time. The results allow patients to see which supplements work with their body without needlessly increasing costs.

What is Vibration Technique?

Vibration Technique is a massage technique that focuses on creating vibration, usually along the spine. The technique is perfect for releasing muscle tension and to help the patient relax. With the muscles relaxed, spinal adjustments are easier. When used on muscle mass away from the spine, vibration therapy helps increase circulation and serves to activate even the smallest muscle fibers, which help muscle injuries recover faster.

What is Extension-Compression Traction?

Extension-Compression Traction is a technique used to reposition cervical vertebrae by using the extension of the neck backward while the lower neck is pulled forward. This is a good treatment for headaches and neck pain.

What is Wobble Therapy?

Wobble Therapy is a form of physical treatment for lumbar pain. Patients do a series of exercises that exaggerate the movement of the spine so that vertebrae naturally realign. The treatment is similar to using a therapy ball.

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