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Nerve damage is defined as the disruption of the function of the nerve and its task to relay electronic messages from the nervous system to muscles and connective tissue.
Chiropractor For Numbness In Hands St. Louis MO

Numbness And Tingling Is Caused By Nerve Damage

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The causes that disrupt nerves include pressure from bones, muscles, and tendons to traumatic injuries which may sever nerves.

The range of issues that may cause numbness and tingling of extremities varies greatly

For that reason, it’s important that symptoms, such as numbness and tingling, be accurately diagnosed so that treatment can be specific and comprehensive. The cervical region of the spine, which is your neck, is a nerve center where nerves are distributed to your arms and into your back and chest.

Any disruption in the alignment of vertebrae—the bones or muscles of the neck and spine, in the torso, and even in your arms—can cause pressure on any of those nerves that run down to your fingers. The result is numbness and tingling; sometimes the results include pain, a burning sensation, or even loss of feeling and strength in your fingers or arms.

Numbness and tingling are often correctable

The goal is always to discover the cause of the issue and then correct it so that nerves have an opportunity to resume their function. That process is not always immediate, and sometimes the feeling of numbness and tingling never goes away. The best place to start is with a diagnosis so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed with your care.

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