Neck Pain Chiropractor & Chiropractic Treatment In St. Louis MO

Prolonged use of smart devices can cause neck pain. Is your neck hurting after a car accident? Poor posture from sitting and other activities can cause neck pain. Pulling a muscle in your neck is more common than you think.

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain Relief Treatment in St. Louis

Content reviewed by Dr. Joseph D. Sas, DC

Your neck is the most unprotected part of your spine—an intricate combination of vertebrae, muscles, tendons and ligaments houses your spinal cord as it leaves your brain. Neck injury is all too common. If you suffer neck pain in St. Louis, schedule an appointment with your Gateway Chiropractic chiropractor Dr. Sas. His skilled combination of cervical spine adjustments and soft-tissue treatment techniques bring neck pain relief and wellness without drugs or surgery.

Chiropractic Care In St. Louis For Neck Pain Relief And Wellness

A healthy neck can improve health and wellness overall because cervical spinal alignment impacts the spinal cord root at the very base of the brain. Our chiropractor is highly skilled at the gentle, precise chiropractic care adjustments that can effectively restore correct spinal alignment, remove pressure from discs and nerves, and help your nervous system get busy healing itself. Chiropractic care also successfully resolves the majority of neck pain and injury problems without drugs or surgery, leading to faster, natural healing and relief.

Neck pain can have several sources, so chiropractor Dr. Sas carefully diagnoses the root causes of your injury to apply the appropriate treatment for lasting pain relief. Some of the most common neck pain causes include:

Everything from using a bad pillow to hours hunched over your desk can misalign vertebrae, strain muscles, compress discs and pinch nerves.  This can be mitigated with proper support and an ergonomic work station.

On average, when we are using and handheld mobile device, our head is forward flexed by 60 degrees.  This causes strain on the muscles, ligaments and vertebra of the neck. 

In this common car accident injury, the head suddenly whips back and forth, straining all neck tissues. In addition to neck pain and stiffness, headachesmigraines, fatigue and irritability can also manifest. Whiplash can be an auto accident injury, sports injury or every-day injury.

Uneven posture or sudden injury can damage the shock-absorbing discs in your neck.

Degenerative discs or facet joints can reduce the space through which the spinal cord can travel, causing nerve compression and radiating pain.

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