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In chiropractic care, a muscle adjustment refers to a technique used to address muscular imbalances or dysfunctions. At Gateway Chiropractic we evaluate and treat not only the skeletal system but also the muscular system, as these two systems are interconnected and can greatly affect each other’s function.

Dr. Sas performs specific muscle adjustment techniques when tension, weakness, or imbalance is found.  Adjusting both the muscles and the skeleton in chiropractic care aims to improve overall musculoskeletal function and promote a faster recovery. By adjusting both the skeletal and musculoskeletal systems Dr. Sas provides a comprehensive approach to your care.  It can enhance joint mobility, balance muscle function, and promote circulation.

The process of adjusting a muscle typically involves various manual methods.

Muscle stretching – Gently stretching specific muscles to improve their flexibility and relieve tension. This can also be done by guiding patients through specific exercises. This can keep tense muscles from pulling the spine back out of alignment.

Muscle strengthening – In cases where certain muscles are weak or imbalanced, we may recommend exercises or provide guidance on muscle strengthening techniques. Strengthening exercises can help improve muscle stability and prevent future injuries.

Trigger point therapy – Dr. Sas may also use trigger point therapy to address specific areas of muscle tightness or knots. By applying pressure to these trigger points, they aim to release tension and promote muscle relaxation.


There are many benefits to muscle adjustments that contribute to your overall healing. Muscles play a crucial role in supporting the skeletal system and maintaining proper posture and movement. Muscle imbalances, tension, or weakness can affect joint stability and lead to pain or dysfunction. Dr. Sas balances that muscle function through various techniques.  By restoring balance and optimal muscle function, the load on the skeletal system is distributed more efficiently, reducing strain on specific areas and promoting faster healing.

Muscle adjustments also promote circulation and healing. Enhancing blood flow and lymphatic circulation facilitates the delivery of oxygen, nutrients, and immune cells to the injured or affected areas, promoting tissue repair and healing. This improved circulation also helps to relax tight muscles

It’s important to note that each person’s response to chiropractic care may vary, and the effectiveness of treatment depends on factors such as the individual’s condition and overall health At Gateway Chiropractic we treat you as a whole person and gather all the relevant information to create an individualized care plan.  This allows you to get the most effective treatment possible.

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