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Stabbing pain, sensitivity to lights,  nausea, vomiting—symptoms at least 25 million people suffer each year during migraine headache attacks. Many of these patients desperately turn to painkillers for relief, but the side effects are troubling, and they don’t resolve the underlying reasons for the migraines.
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Migraine Treatment without Drugs from Your St. Louis Chiropractor

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Join the thousands who have experienced the lasting, drug-free migraine pain relief treatment of chiropractic care. Schedule an appointment with your St. Louis Chiropractor Dr. Sas at Gateway Chiropractic today for relief from your migraines: (314) 909-9000.

Where do Migraine Headaches Come from?

Migraine headaches are a complex neurological condition stemming from irritation of nerves controlling sensation and blood flow in your face and head. Genetics and gender also play a role—75 percent of migraine sufferers are women! The following 3 factors can also trigger migraines:

  • Head or neck injury—Whiplash from a sports, home or car accident injury can increase headaches and migraines. When neck vertebrae are jostled out of alignment and soft tissue strains cause inflammation, nerve irritation results.
  • Posture problems—Excessive “forward head posture” from looking down at your mobile device, slouching at work or sleeping on the wrong pillow can also pinch nerves.
  • Other migraine triggers—Keep a migraine journal and record foods, activities, times of day, season, situations, stress levels sleeping habits, hydration habits, etc. These can all trigger migraine headaches.

Chiropractic Care: From Migraines to Wellness

Painkillers cannot resolve migraine headaches on a long-term basis—they only cover up the pain so you can function until the next attack. Because migraines usually have biomechanical, neurological and lifestyle components, chiropractic care is the ideal way to resolve them naturally. St. Louis chiropractor Dr. Sas will thoroughly examine each aspect of your life and spinal alignment to determine underlying causes of your migraine headaches. He then creates an individualized treatment plan including chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle changes that can reduce the severity and frequency of your migraine attacks because it removes the triggers that cause them.

Drug Free Migraine Head Pain Relief Treatment from the Chiropractor St. Louis Relies On

If you live with migraine head pain in St. Louis, get drug-free pain relief with chiropractor Dr. Sas. Stop suffering and start experiencing the wellness you deserve! Schedule an appointment with us at Gateway Chiropractor today at (314) 909-9000, and be sure to follow us on Facebook for wellness tips you can use right now!


80% of headaches are what is called cervicogenic. What that means is starting from the neck. One of the big causes of headaches is a misalignment in the upper cervical region. That means that C1/C2 are not functioning properly, putting pressure on the nerves that go into your head.
Some people have explained headaches and or migraines as pulsatile, stabbing in the eyes, vice grips around the sides of their head, and just a good old throbbing. Symptoms may range from more or less. They could be very frequent or very chronic in nature.
Proper examination is such an important key to figuring out the best course of action for headaches. In our office we do a flexion/extension x-ray to examine if your upper cervical region is moving, or not moving. That way we can find the best solution to getting rid of your headaches.
Upper cervical adjustment is the best way to relieve headaches and migraines. In addition to trigger point work around the back of the head and soft tissue stretching. We find that in our office doing all of those allows for relief to our patients.
Again, great crystal ball question. Some patients see relief after only a few treatments while others it does take more time depending upon how chronic the problem has been there and the severity of the damage to the tissue underneath.
A chiropractor’s main tenant is to remove subluxations. By allowing the joints in your neck that are locked up again the body will say thank you, by less pain, less irritation and more breathing room. What time means to you is less time stuck in a dark room and more time enjoying what you love to do.

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