Herniated Disc Back Pain Relief Treatment With Your St. Louis Chiropractor

Ever sneezed or bent over to tie your shoes when when a sharp pain suddenly shot from your back, down your leg (sciatica) or into your arm, making it nearly impossible to move? This is a classic herniated disc injury symptom.
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Herniated Disc Back Pain Relief and Treatment Options

Content reviewed by Dr. Joseph D. Sas, DC

The intervertebral discs between all the vertebrae usually help you bend and twist while allowing spinal cord nerves to control all the functions and sensations in your body. Disc injury can cause several symptoms, depending on the nerves they pinch. If this scenario matches your experience, schedule an appointment with St. Louis chiropractor Dr. Joseph Sas for lasting, drug-free pain relief treatment: 314-909-9000. 

How Does Herniated Disc Injury Happen?

Spinal discs contain a gelatinous nucleus in the center, encased by a tough outer membrane, securely attached to the vertebrae on either side. Sudden injury, uneven pressure from long-term poor posture habits and the effects of aging can weaken the outer membrane, causing it to bulge (bulging disc), which may or may not pinch nerves. Without treatment, a bulge can split open, allowing the nucleus to squeeze out and pinch nerves. Typical symptoms of a herniated disc injury include:

  • Sharp back pain radiating down through the behind and into the legs (sciatica) when the injured disc is in the lower back.
  • If the herniated disc is in the upper back, pain shoots into the arms, shoulders, hands and/or neck.
  • You may also experience numbness and tingling and muscle weakness, making it hard to stand or pick up and hold objects.

Chiropractic Care for Natural Herniated Disc Pain Relief

Chiropractic care can successfully resolve herniated disc injury and provide welcome, long-term wellness and pain relief without the use of addictive painkillers. Chiropractor Dr. Sas can use gentle, precise chiropractic adjustments to correct spinal misalignments, whether due to injury or poor posture. Adding muscle adjustments and therapeutic exercises to treatment can help you maintain correct posture, which provides pain relief from pinched nerves and helps restore disc hydration and cushioning function.

Visit the Chiropractor St. Louis Trusts for Herniated Disc Treatment

If you suspect a herniated disc injury, chiropractic treatment can provide welcome pain relief. Schedule an appointment with St. Louis chiropractor, Dr. Sas today and start on your healing journey today: 314-909-9000. Also follow us on Facebook to get regular health and wellness updates! We look forward to seeing you!

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