Family and Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Gateway Chiropractic Is a Comprehensive Manual Medical Practice That Uses Proven Techniques to Improve Each Patient’s Quality of Life.

A healthy immune system keeps away sickness

We help your family reach and maintain optimum health and well being. Chiropractic care can make a pregnancy less painful throughout the experience. Also an effective way to reduce most pain without the use of medications.

Physically, Dr. Sas can help relieve sinus pressure through manual sinus adjustment, which helps to keep sinus fluid draining. Nutritionally, he can help you balance your body’s needs so that your immune system becomes stronger and less susceptible to illness. There are many ways that Dr. Sas can help you overcome the cold and flu season. A good example would be to help you reduce stress and improve your diet. By focusing on the whole-patient approach to healthcare, Dr. Sas is able to help you become more proactive in preventing illness rather than just being available to treat your symptoms.

After all, wouldn’t you rather not catch a cold than be treated for having one?

Absolutely. When parents have concerns that their child is not developing at the appropriate pace, Dr. Sas can provide a thorough assessment and adjustments to help the child reach and maintain optimum health and wellbeing. Often, the parents might not want to ask their primary care physician about these kinds of concerns, but it is essential to be proactive about your child’s health and development.

Dr. Sas doesn’t believe in the watch and wait technique, if he diagnoses a subluxation that is affecting your child’s development, he will make the appropriate adjustments to improve future health and development outcomes. Yes, Dr. Sas treats pregnant women to relieve a lot of the discomfort and misalignment that is part of pregnancy. Pregnancy causes a lot of distortion of the spinal column and increases pressure on the joints. Being able to relieve pain and other symptoms caused by pregnancy and postpartum issues helps women enjoy being pregnant without the pain. Dr. Sas promotes a whole-patient style of care and treatment for pregnancy issues that helps restore greater health, decrease nerve pressure, and improve joint alignment.

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$40 New Patient Special

Make An Appointment Today to Start Living A Pain Free Life