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Pulling a disc in your back is more common than you think. Did you brace for impact? Lower back hurting now?
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Herniated, Bulging and Slipped Disc Injury Back Pain Relief Treatment with St. Louis Chiropractor

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Disc injury is one of the most common causes of back pain.
bulging and herniated ("slipped") discs can also cause sciatica, arm pain and other symptoms, depending on the location of the injured disc. It’s important that patients understand disc injuries—and that painkillers cannot resolve them.

What are Bulging, Herniated and Slipped Disc Injuries?

The shock-absorbing discs in your spine can’t “slip” out from between the vertebrae—they are securely attached to the bones. So, people say “slipped disc” when they really mean a herniated disc injury. Discs are filled with a gelatinous nucleus wrapped in a tough, fibrous membrane. Long-term poor posture or sudden injury can weaken the membrane, allowing nucleus material to bulge outward, or even squeeze out of the disc. The larger the protrusion, the closer it comes to pinching nerves, which causes pain. So, there are levels of disc injury, and it’s best to get treatment before the damage worsens:

  • Bulging disc—The outer disc membrane has weakened, but not broken open. Nucleus material bulges outward, getting worse with poor posture habits. A bulging disc may not initially cause pain, but without chiropractic adjustment and posture correction, it may worsen to the next phase:
  • Herniated disc—A bulge can weaken under constant pressure until it breaks—even from something as simple as sneezing or picking up a toy. A traumatic sports injury or car accident injury can also cause a herniated disc. The nucleus protrudes, pinches nerves, and causes severe back pain.

Chiropractic Care: Drug-Free Disc Pain Relief Treatment

Chiropractic care provides effective, drug-free disc injury and back pain relief treatment to restore wellness and range of motion. St. Louis chiropractor Dr. Sas provides precise spinal adjustment techniques that correct your posture while training you on maintaining good posture to prevent disc pain relapse.

The Chiropractor St. Louis Trusts for Disc Injury Back Pain Relief Treatment

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