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Hurting a muscle in your body is more common than you think

When the vertebrae of your spinal cord are out of position, nerve tissue can become choked or irritated. That causes significant pain and hinders your body’s natural healing processes.

A chiropractic adjustment is a manipulation of the spine to realign the body’s musculoskeletal system. These manipulations relieve pressure on the joints, restoring their function and allowing the body to heal properly.

Chiropractic adjustments help heal a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Lower-back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches

Many men and women report an improved quality of life after regular chiropractic adjustments, due to reduced pressure and stress in the body. Many patients often use it alongside or as an alternative to regular pain relief treatments.

If you’re interested in how chiropractic adjustments can help relieve your symptoms, contact Gateway Chiropractic today.

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$40 New Patient Special

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