Non-Invasive Bulging Disc Back Pain Relief Treatment With St. Louis Chiropractor Dr. Sas

Many people walk around with a ticking time bomb in their spines—a bulging disc. Sometimes, bulging discs cause no pain, but without treatment, they pinch nerves, causing excruciating leg, arm, neck and back pain, sciatica and other problems.
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Bulging Disc Back Pain Explained And Treatment Options

Content reviewed by Dr. Joseph D. Sas, DC

Fortunately, non-invasive chiropractic care provides successful bulging disc pain relief treatment without surgery, restoring overall wellness. If you suspect a bulging disc in your spine, schedule an appointment with St. Louis chiropractor Dr. Joseph Sas for precise diagnosis and treatment.

What is a Bulging Disc Injury?

Discs provide cushioning between each vertebra in your spine, allowing nerves to painlessly deliver messages to the rest of the body. Sometimes, a sudden injury like a fall, a sports injury or car accident injury damages a disc’s outer membrane, weakening it so the gelatinous nucleus inside bulges outward. Sometimes, uneven pressure from poor posture habits weakens a disc’s outer membrane over years and a bulge develops that way.

A bulge can start off small and grow over time. Without treatment, a bulging disc can actually split open, causing the nucleus to extrude out. This is called a herniated disc, and it almost always causes excruciating back pain, sciatica or other symptoms, depending on where the disc injury is located in the spine.

Chiropractic Care: Non-Surgical Bulging Disc Pain Relief Treatment

The key to bulging disc injury treatment is really early intervention and prevention. Regularly-scheduled chiropractic care appointments can help you maintain healthy posture, which removes uneven pressure from discs and nerves, keeping them healthy and pain-free, preventing them from bulging or herniating in the first place. If a bulging disc already hurts, chiropractic care provides non-invasive pain relief treatment that enables the disc to heal and the nerves to communicate properly for effective pain relief and restored wellness.

Dr. Sas also teaches patients how to work and live using more ergonomic techniques and better posture so that they can keep their discs healthier between chiropractic visits as well.

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If you struggle with bulging disc injury pain in St. Louis, chiropractor Dr. Sas at Gateway Chiropractic can provide natural pain relief treatment to restore you to overall wellness. Schedule an appointment today and get the relief you deserve: 314-909-9000. And stay tuned to Dr. Sas’ YouTube channel for regular spine health and wellness tips!

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